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iOS Privacy Policy

Last updated 22 May 2021

Our privacy policy is simple. In plain English, we believe that your data is your data, not ours. We have no desire to identify anything personal about you, and we think we’ve avoided collecting any personally identifying information. There is no registration process, we don’t use any advertising, and we don’t try to figure out who you are. This app is the result of an academic research project, not a commercial development project. We will never sell data from this app.

The only sensitive information we collect is app usage data, which you can disable if you prefer. We hope you won’t disable the reporting of usage data because it can give us hints as to how we could improve the app over time. If you don’t prevent analytics data reporting, we will send information to our server about which parts of the app you use and what kind of hardware you use to run the app. We do not collect information about the search query terms you type or what you name your bookmarks (bookmark details are only stored in Apple’s iCloud service under your account).

Prior to version 3.9.9 we used the Fabric platform to gather information about app usage and crashes. We have discontinued the use of Fabric as of version 3.9.9. Fabric was developed first by Twitter but then bought by Google in 2017. You can read their privacy policy at

If you have concerns about our privacy policy and practices, you can email us at scriptures @